What makes it work? I often think how did it get so lucky to have truly great friends. All friendships are forged with different materials or experiences. For me, music and bands played the biggest role. Dreams of being a rock star with a new hit band, veins of competition and lots of late nights. Out of that time I met some wonderful people and made a lot of memories.  As I got older and priorities shifted I felt I needed to start creating moments with my friends. So a portrait series seemed fitting, sort of my own personal "where are they now". 


First up. Jason Howie. He is my unofficial big brother and a fellow drummer. We first met in Boy Scouts. Later we played in the local music scene and did a joint tour. Our bands teamed up and hit the road for a month. I was 20. Now 11 years later. Jason is still the same super talented, funny, smart and caring gentleman. Only now instead of rocking behind the kit, he is saving lives and fighting fires. It was great hanging out at the fire house to make this portrait, the rest of the squad joined after some jokes about "Howie" the male model.