Kurt Leuschner- Friendship at 36,000 feet

Friends since middle school Kurt and I have had years to make memories together. Kurt is a Pilot, veteran, a trustworthy friend with a sometimes dark sense of humor. In the almost 20 years of friendship we have played rock shows, partied, laughed at our own stupidity and supported each other as groomsmen. He now occupies the sky in a A321. An office at 36,000 feet getting you, your mom, and friends everywhere they want to be. He is based in NYC, Lives in another state and it always on the move. My first question is always.. Where are you now? When I am lucky enough to see him in person, we always get dinner or coffee. Any chance to catch up and weigh in on how life is treating us. Being friends for so long it is like talking to a brother. We can talk about the realities of our lives, not the Instagram life. I am glad we still keep in touch and the last time he stopped by I made a few portraits of him after dinner.