When life hands you lemons...

It was Thursday January 4th, I was printing liability waivers for the weekend of aerial portraits I had coming up. When I get a text from my studio mate that our studio was on fire. My reply. Call the fire department! turns out it was the suite next to ours that caught fire. For years the space was rented by a church, when they moved out a carpet recycling company moved in. The new tenants hired an electrician to work on their power needs, when the breaker box arched and caused the piles of carpet to ignite. The fire department arrived and started to fight the blaze. They smashed our sky lights and pumped enough water to saturate the cinder block wall that divided our space.

The fire damaged the building and I had to reschedule the aerial shoot. I was a giant stress ball. I had another aerial rain shoot coming up in two weeks. I was without a studio and a plan. I racked my brain on my options, cancel this one too? What studio is available and affordable? How will I build my rain set? Can I pull it off? I was stretched. With the help of my wife and a few close friends and a ton of A clamps it worked out. I built my rain set, photographed 17 strong women, and learned I can do anything with hard work. I gained more confidence in my ability to produce under pressure.