Mouth Sounds

Daniel Howie is a multi instrumentalist and all around good guy. We met when we both played in local bands during the mid to late 2000s. I remember hearing his band Sugar Glyder on 90 minutes the local music radio show hosted by Divakar. We ended up playing a lot of shows together and supported each others as audience members. It was a great community of people and players. Now many of the venues we played have been torn down or have called it quits.

Daniel’s new project is a solo effort called mouth sounds. While Mouth Sounds instrumentation finds its foothold in electronic elements, Howie’s cutting vocals soar free and clear from vocal processing typical of the genre.

We had the chance to create branding images for his upcoming record. His rose colored glasses are a homage to his Aunt who taught him how to play the piano. This instruction and support set him on his musical journey.