Freelance Photographer-Full Time Dad

I no longer get upset when childless people say they do not have time. I was that person for most of my life. I would say my time management skills have improved since becoming a Father. Time is relative and is not experienced the same by others. I will say it has not been easy working out babysitters and work schedules. We have been lucky enough to not need daycare. Which is very expensive and creates constantly sick little ones. However, being freelance resembles being unemployed at times. At least that is the joke. It has allowed me to provide care for my daughter for over a year now. I get to see her grow up and learn, she is currently playing with a diaper box in our mud room.

When it comes to shooting days I have an extra bit of pre-production with hiring the most important crew member who will never make it to set. Our group of grandparents and babysitters are my first call when I need to lock down a date for production. I can say that single parents are badasses and I cannot imagine doing it alone.

I know that having children is not for everyone. I knew I want to have kids and it would interfere in some way with my career path. If anything it has made me more deliberate with my actions. I cannot afford to make decisions without careful thought and planning. I have another life to take care of and nurture. I need to consider her needs as well as mine.

Eleanor has become my most photographed subject this past year. How could she not? Her Dad is a photographer and she has been in front of my camera since she was minutes old. I am not sure what the future holds but I will stay hopeful and enjoy every moment with my little lady. I know sooner then later she will have grown up and have a family of her own. I will cherish every chest nap I have left and hope I a make her proud.